Cookie Jar Farm is up and running!

To the fine people of the cryptoverse, I’m happy to announce that Cookie Jar Farm is open for your nomination!

Beginning with validators for Kusari Farms, our servers are in globally placed data centers that exceed Substrate-based chain specs, ready to provide SwapDEX the infrastructure to accomplish its vision.

We’re also a bit different at Cookie Jar Farm. Though we are already positioned high in the top 300 validators to receive rewards (currently averaging rank 44), any nomination reduces equally our self-bonded KSI, which increases your reward amount. What our minimum will be is yet to be seen as we need to ensure our high-quality servers keep being funded. Our goal with this is to understand how to incentivize increased nominations. As with all things Kusari, this is an experiment, but one where nominators are rewarded the most!

So come on down to the Cookie Jar Farm!


Hi, I’m new to farming. Is this as simple as picking a jar, nominating on it and then I will get rewards going to the wallet that I nominated with. Sorry if I’ve over simplified the process. It’s looks fantastic anyway :+1:

Hey there! Thanks!

Yep, you’re pretty close! For every validator you want to nominate on, you need to create a stash account and controller account. When you nominate, you stake your KSI amount from your stash account and then decide where the rewards go. You can choose your stash account or a completely different wallet, it’s your choice. I totally recommend reading the nominator guide for the details but that’s about it :+1:

Cool thanks mate. I do have a couple of nodes running already.
I’ve got it, when you click on the cookie jar it takes you to the validator stats.

So then I have the address of the node/cookie jar i want to nominate. But when I go to nominate most of the nodes have names not addresses so I have to use this.

If I have got anything wrong would you let me know please and thanks for your help it’s very much appreciated.

Really sorry mate, I was spelling cookie wrong should be Kookie…lol

Sorry mate, my fault.

Heh, no worries, glad you got it sorted! Yes, my K-usari validators are named K-ookie. Branding is hard sometimes. :sweat_smile:

lmfao…again, thanks for all your help. :+1:

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As a test I have put 10KSI on

No problem! But I’m not sure that I’m seeing your nomination… this is what I have, unless you’ve upped your nomination amount.

I think it will show when the next era starts.:+1:

The more you know… thanks!

Lol…I will check it on the next era but I’m pretty sure it will show up then. :+1:

The KSI has come out of my wallet but I think it does that straight away.

It’s on now mate. brilliant stuff. :+1:

and the node is looking good.

Yup yup!


Fantastic :+1:

A new metric has been added: Highest Nomination. Now you can clearly see which Kookie Jar you could nominate on for max rewards (hint: the lowest, Highest Nomination) given your stash.

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That looks brilliant mate.:+1:

I think I just figured out how to better show the Cookie Jars actually filling. They will be the ratio of how much other’s stake (nominators) is to my self-stake times 100 (to get percent) until my minimum of 1 is reached. At that point, the jar will be 100% full.

Examples (other’s stake/self-stake):

  • (500/500)*100 = 50%
  • (35/965)*100 = 3.6%
  • (1200/1)*100 = 100%

What does the community think?