Cookie Jar Farm is up and running!

Absolutely brilliant idea mate. Always good to have a graphical representation. Nice work.:+1:

Just noticed that my two nodes are sat right in the middle of your 10 cookie jars mate…lol

Being surrounded by cookies is not a bad place to be. :yum:

Lol… especially if they have got Hazelnuts in them and they are covered with chocolate.:rofl::rofl:

Cookie jars are rocketing.

Got my weekly update done, 3,747 KSI removed from my self-stake! Another big one! AND, I think I’ve got a better visual for the Kookie Jars. They now fill up to “unlock” max nominator rewards (after commission of course). As nominations increase, my self-stake decreases until I have 1 KSI self-staked, thus maximizing nominators’ rewards. Check it out to see if it makes sense.

New jar filling graphics look great. Brilliant idea.:+1:

Ok fine folks, I have a new page that has metrics that I collect weekly, but I’m wondering what other useful metrics could be added. Take a look and feel free to suggest!

I’m proud to announce that Cookie Jar Farms is now open for SwapDEX nominations! Completely separate from Kusari Farms in every way so you can rest assured of consistent rewards with only a 20% commission rate. Check it out now!

Nominator support strikes again! All Kookie Jars now have their max rewards unlocked! All Kookie Jar self-bond have been reduced to 1 KSI. THANK YOU to all the nominators and enjoy your rewards!