SDX MN - Validator and Nominator Dashboard on Mobile

Hi guys,
you can use SDX MN app to perform some of validator and nominator activities from mobile. Some of current features include

  • quick overview of validators and nominators statistics like rewards, pending claims
  • ability claim rewards from mobile
  • substrate wise wallet watcher (read only)
  • nominator tool : find current validators offering best gains. You need to provide amount you wish to stake and number of validators to distribute your stake.
  • basic color coded warnings about validators and nominators health


  • Currently, app is finding pending claims for last 8 days. It’s more time consuming for server to check claims for more duration (21 days is max limit, I think). More delays cause bad human UI/UX experience. When we enable background periodic monitoring, that time, we can scan for all possible 21 days.

Future updates plan following stuff

  • add complete staking statistic about validators and nominators as much as possible
  • provide VPS system status like CPU/DISK/MEM (thanks to Dubs in exploring easiest and safest way to do this)
  • background monitoring and alerts (eg. get alert for your nominator, when one of validator you have staked, have increased fee %, or get alert for your validator when it’s rank goes down to some defined threshold)
  • it should be possible to create a twitter line communication channel between validator and it’s nominators. But need to check with community for it’s need

web app :
android playstore :

Just thought of creating a separate thread, so that information related to SDX MN app can be collected at one place.


Great work mate :smiley:

Would be cool if you could have a short explanation of the metrics you are showing on the app. For example, in the validator section, you list "x/y Pending Rewards would be phenomenal to understand what this exactly means.


How App works

  1. In substrate chain, any stash address can request claims for any validator’s behalf. App uses this feature. It creates a “Base Account” which will do claims on other validator/nominator’s behalf. User need to put tiny amount, say 0.1 coins in this account, which will be used to pay transaction fees.
  2. Each user will have different Base Account. App remebers Base account for user, based on identity credentials (“Addr”+“Password” pair) given by user. “Addr” is any substrate based stash address which user have control. “Password” is any humanly password like “test123”.
  3. For added security App will allow user to use address only he/she owns. This is achieved by asking user to perform on-chain identity based ownership challenge.
  4. Claims are made in batch of 10. It’s cheap that way, requiring smallest transaction fees. I am not able to perform batch claims on mobile, hence moved it to server side. (using one of my rented VPS marked to running SDX validator)


  1. App <–> Server communication on encrypted SSL channel
  2. “Base Account” information is stored on server in cryptographic encrypted form.


  1. User only provides public address of validators/nominators. App does NOT need private keys/passwords to your wallets and VPS servers.
  2. Double secure (“Addr”+“Password”) pair. Not possible for others to use address which you own.
  3. User will top up “Base Account” with only small amount, say 0.1 KSI (which can perform about 125 claims)


  1. Know what you are doing. I am not responsible for any loss/damage to your funds in anyway
  2. If you lose credentials (“Addr”+“Password”) combination, it is not possible to retrieve “Base Account” information any way
  3. For additional safety you may want to backup the mnemonic key of “Base Account”, by copying it from Wallets section of App

Release Information

Android App:

  • new: added support for backup and restore, making migration from/to web app to android app possible
  • new: added settings page to change some of parameters
  • new: alerts dashboard added. Shows major warnings for validators and nominators.
  • update: added sorting filters to Validator and Nominator dashboard
  • update: staking information is stored offline, making it available as soon as app is started
  • update: now most of app navigation will not wait for ongoing chain interaction


  • name of app changed to Swapari
  • new: in chain tile, election status added. Claiming rewards not possible during election time.
  • new: to vals and nom’s list, added “Disable/Enable” flag. This helps to watch few vals/noms without they affecting your homescreen statistics.
  • new: on Nominators tool, added gain in APY form
  • new: in chain tile, added nominator perf index.
  • update: changed claims back to 4 days (app take more time to refresh)
  • update: homescreen changed Text labele. They are more in tune with explorer.
  • update: added “ok/cancel” confirmation step on Claim
  • update: when validator is either waiting or inactive, mark it as Red (same rule for nominator’s validator is pending)
  • fixed: min Stake changes on using Nominator tool
  • fixed: one crash failure

2.0.2 :

  • feature: added color tags nominators/validators to indicate any health problems
  • feature: added nominator page which shows details of validator staked on
  • update: changed claims lookout from 4 days to 8 days(make validator and nominator updates to slowdown a bit)

2.0.1 :

  • Nominator tool now shows how stale data is
  • Small fixes

2.0.0 :

  • First release on new substrate chain

Details of statistics shown on screens.

  1. Main Screen

Details on Warnings/Colors used:
For Validators

  • Red(Hi) Warning
    If validator is out of 300 list (waiting or in-active)
    If validator’s rank > 280 (bottom of list)
    If claims pending for more than 6 days

  • Orange(Medium) Warning
    If validator’s rank in (250 < rank < 280) range
    If fee is set other than 100%, but you don’t have any nominators yet
    If claims pending for more than 3 days

For Nominators

  • Red(Hi) Warning
    If any staked validator is out of 300 list (waiting or in-active)
    If claims pending for more than 6 days
    If sum of gain from all staked validators is less than 0.1 % of ARPV gain
    If lowest gain from any staked validator is less than 0.1 % of ARPV gain
    If any staked Validator have rank above 280 (bottom of list)

  • Orange(Medium) Warning
    If claims pending for more than 3 days
    If sum of gain from all staked validators is in (0.1% < gain < 1%) range of ARPV gain
    If lowest gain from staked validator is in (0.1% < gain < 1%) range of ARPV gain
    If any staked Validator have rank in (260 < rank < 280) range

Where, ARPV is average rewards per validator, calculated based on 300 validators.