Validators looking for Nominators

If you are Validators looking for Nominators to stake you can post here to advertise your node.

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maximum of 5 or 10% commission set for life (They will only go lower with chain success, never higher)

5HYExVjV1zrmy9NtNmmHKettUvQp8K3fumJ4zuHjFo8xsaLC 10%
5HEnawD4ywCffEAjhGAEAeRybVtxu6pxZHjcRgeWNCBPQ4t7 10%
5DZHMQu4ayzpoqkZKnLPhpEjwP3MQ4q52UoYdk74iejxgPyh 5%
5G4YA3YcWguTLRhpkCdpHtBiQXu57SAqSHtCrSpm3ikA7Qtd 5%

JJJ SDX Validator

hi guys,

you can use SDX MN app to find current validators offering best gains. You need to provide amount you wish to stake and number of validators to distribute your stake.
web app :
android playstore :

I’m proud to announce that Cookie Jar Farms is now open for SwapDEX nominations! Completely separate from Kusari Farms in every way so you can rest assured of consistent rewards with a 20% commission rate. Check it out now!

Hi Guys,

Got a validator set at 8% which already has 80k staked. It just needs a little push to get into the top 300. Currently not displayed but return approx. on more than 35.00%. That is mire than any other validator currently in the top 300.

Validator name: Zeus - 01

Hi all,
Just a friendly reminder that all Cookie validators have had their commission dropped to 19%. Their self-bond is keeping them in the top 200 of 300 allowable validators so you’re assured they will continue to be, and even more so with your nomination!


Because I have a burning desire to out-do myself, all SwapDEX Farms validators’ commissions have been further dropped to 9%!! Get your rewards while the getting’s good!


Validator with very low personal stake and 15% commission looking for nominators on the SwapDEX Chain.
Validator name RobB1 is in waiting for your generous stakes

Hi! I’m currently running validators at 10% commission only, set for life. Will only go lower along with chain success. Look out for:


SDX_SEYROUX02 (currently in waiting)

Appreciate your generous nominations!