Wrapping and Bridging

Post all of your questions about Wrapping and Bridging here.

This is a very generalised explanation of the wrapping and bridging.

I am assuming that anyone reading this has a fair level of knowledge about MetaMask, like how to add networks and tokens.

To get bKSI into your MetaMask wallet you first need to use the Kusari app to wrap your KSI to the WKSI.

this will then change your KSI to WKSI.
You can add the WKSI to your MetaMask by using this address to add the token.

You will then have this in your MetaMask wallet. Notice that the wallet is on the Kusari network.

Then you can use the Bridging tool to change the WKSI to bKSI.

Notice that you need to set the Binace Smart Chain as the Destination Network.

Add the bKSI to your MetaMask wallet with this address.


After this you will then have something like this in your Metamask wallet.

Notice that your wallet is now connected to the Binance Smart Chain.

Voila you have moved your KSI to the Binance Smart Chain. To change from bKSI to KSI you just do the same the other way around.

NOTE: When you want to bridge your bKSI on the Binance Smart Chain back to wKSI on the Kusari Chain you will need a small amount of BNB to pay the Binance Smart Chain transaction fee.

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Thanks a lot mate! Very useful!! My transaction is been like this for 10 mins : Please don’t close this page / refresh or your transfer will fail.

Is it normal? How long takes to bridge from kusari to bksi? Thanks

Hi there, no that’s not normal. It should go through quite quickly. Are you warpping your KSI to WKSI or are you using the Bridge to go from WKSI to bKSI?

I know some people have had an issue with using Max button on the KSI wrapper as it won’t leave you any KSI for transaction fees. The dev team are fully aware of this and a fix will be released as soon as it is completed. But for the meantime just leave a small amount of KSI for the transaction fees. 0.5 KSI will be more than enough atm.

Thanks! That was my mistake, not having enough Ksi :wink:

No worries. tbh the first time I tried the wrapping I did exactly the same…lol. Glad everything is sorted.:+1:

i was just checking, so i guess it worked Jboy?

Yes Grandad, thanks mate.I had a bit if Thatchers Gold induced brain fog.All good now.Works brill,fastest I’ve seen.

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ok matey thx…

There will be an update coming very soon, if not today for the MAX button.